Selected Published Essays, Articles, and Public Talks

"The Unfinished Mission of Martin Luther King, Jr. " (2004 Conference Presentation)

"Echoes of the Suicide Girls" (2001 Essay in Salt Journal)

"Living a Three Dimensional Life: Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Integrated Personality" (2008 Essay in Santa Barbara Therapy News)

"America's Selective Remembering and Collective Forgetting of Martin Luther King, Jr. " (2007 Essay in Spring Journal)

"The Content of Their Complexes: The Wounded Leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama" (2009 Essay in Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies)

"The Teachers 'No Child Left Behind' Leaves Behind" (2010 Essay in The One Voice International Collection of Scholarly Works 2010)

"'Nobody Sees a Flower, Really, It is So Small': Extolling the Ethic of Attention" (2010 Essay in Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies)

"'Dear James': The Academic Crush and the Arc of Influence"  (2012 Essay in Quadrant Journal)

"The Gift of the Heart"  (Short story based on O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi")

"Might As Well Face It, We're Addicted to Hope: A Cultural Case Study  (2013 Keynote Presentation for the Division 32, Humanistic Psychology conference)

"All I Want for Christmas: Scenes in the Life of a Single Girl" (Essay published Christmas, 1997 in Mom Guess What newspaper)